Monday, May 30, 2016

Into the Dark Heart of the Amazon

We didn't hear last week from Elder Olivier because he had a crazy travel schedule for transfers along with other missionaries from Rio Branco.  He didn't have time to write, but we received some photos from a kind parent.

We were very happy to receive this email from Elder Olivier today:

Yes, I did spent a long time thinking about the title for this email. haha.

So a ton of stuff has happened in the past two weeks. First off, I got transferred to a city called Manacapuru in the state of Amazonas. It is two hours away from Manaus by bus. The bus ride is super cool because it is like straight up through the middle of the jungle. Haha. 

So a funny thing that happened when a couple of other missionaries and I left Rio Branco was that we had to get on a connecting flight in Brasilia, which is super far away from the mission. What. The flight took forever but it was funny. 

The area here is super cool. The city is kind of like a tiny version of Manaus. The city is also right next to the Solimões river (aka the Amazon river). Below is a picture of my companion (Elder Fernandez) and I next to it. Below is also a picture of our church building, which is a huge upgrade from our small house back in Acre. It is one of the prettiest church buildings that I have seen! It has two stories and an elevator. Holy cow!

This week I arrived in the area and we started working immediately. Elder Fernandez is a super good missionary, and I think this transfer is going to be one of the best I´ve had on my mission! 

Anyway, I love you all and hope you have a great week! Abraço!

Élder Olivier!

Last baptism in Sena Madureira


Baptism in Manacapuru

Church Building

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