Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy P-Day!!!!

Hi everyone! 

I don´t have much time today so I´ll be short. Our week was pretty good. It could have been a lot better. My new area is in two wards, so we have to coordinate with tons of members. We´re zone leaders over the Rio Branco zone, which is the entire Rio Branco stake and two extra branches that are not part of any stake, they´re just mission branches. We have to travel a ton here. We are constanlty having to take the bus to do baptismal interviews, pick up missionaries at the airport, drop off missionaries at the airport, etc. This week was super hectic because some missionaries had to go to Manaus to renew their visas, so we were at the airport almost every night at midnight this week..... And tonight we will actually fly to Manaus for leadership conference on wednesday. We won´t be in our area for almost the whole week........ughghgh

I remember when I went to Colorado with Dad and I told him that I don´t like riding on planes because they´re annoying. Well now I get to learn to like them.

I´ll get my package this week! I actually already got it but I left it in Manaus when I came here to Acre because I didn´t have space in my suitcase. But now I´ll get it! 

Also, my companion is from Gilbert, AZ. He´s been out for 11 months.

Even here in the middle of nowhere in Brazil people are talking about Donald Trump. I can´t wait to see the great wall of Mexico!

This computer isn´t letting me send pictures for some reason......I´ll try sending them next time. sorry!

I love all you guys! 

Elder Olivier

Monday, November 7, 2016

Acre pt. II

Hey everyone! 

So this week was super hectic! I got transferred and had to catch a few planes to get to my new area, which actually took up a good part of the week. But now I´m here! In Acre! Again!
The first week here was great!

welp that pretty much sums up the whole week. That´s all I´ve got. Oh yeah, and I have an american companion again. Two in a row!

Sorry for the short email!

√Člder Olivier

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trunky or Treat

Elder Olivier had a great week!  He has been working for a long time with this awesome couple to help them get married.  Everything finally came together and they were married last week and then baptised!  Such joyous occasions!!  Below is his email and photos!

Wow, what a week. 

FIRST THINGS FIRST this week we saw......and hugged.......A SLOTH!!!! I never thought this day would come. He was so fluffy. We had been knocking some doors and meeting some new people, when suddenly we found the house of a lady with a pet sloth. Yes, a pet sloth. Why doesn´t anyone in the states have a sloth as a pet?

SO this week was a week with a lot of memories. We have been teaching this one family for about three months, and we have been working with the bishop to plan their wedding. We spent a good part of this week getting stuff ready for it, and Saturday was the big day. Holy cow, it went well. There were a lot of tears, hugs, and piles and piles of food. Our ward mission leader even took the mic and sang a couple of songs for the bride, at the request of the groom. Who knew he could sing.

Pure happiness. 

We woke up super early Sunday morning to have their baptism before church. The bishop baptized them, and them attended the rest of the church meetings, still soaking wet. Luckily he´s a fisherman, so he´s used to getting wet. That will be by far one of the most memorable baptisms that I have seen. God lives. The church is true. The gospel changes lives. 

Have an awesome week! I love you all!

√Člder Olivier

Yay For a Washing Machine!!!

Here is Elder Olivier's email to family on that he wrote on October 24th, 2016:

Hi everyone! This week I don´t have much time to send email but I just wanted to say that I love you all! 

It looks like you all had a great week! 

Next week is transfers for me so I think I´ll probably be changing areas! So we´ll see what happens. 

Sweet music Z and C! It sounds great! It sounds a lot like The Fray! That´s sweet that you guys finished a whole song! I´m excited to come home from my mission and be you guys´ producer! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Interesting things that happened this week!  

-We went on splits with some of the elders in our zone for a couple of days

-We ate a lot of fish

-I cut my companion´s hair (he asked me to---it was the first time I have ever cut someone else´s hair, and,no big deal, tons of people complimented his haircut)

-WE GOT A WASHING MACHINE!!!!!!! I don´t remember if I have told you guys but we have been without a washing machine for almost 6 months.........AND WE FINALLY GOT ONE IN OUR HOUSE!!!!! Now I wash my clothes like two times per day!!!! It´s great!!!!! You just put your clothes in with soap and the washing machine cleans them!!!! IT´S SO CRAZY

But that´s all for this week! I´ll send pictures next week!!!

Love you all! 

Love, Elder Olivier! 

Baptism of the Bishop's Neighbor!

Here is Elder Olivier's email just to family that he sent on October 17, 2016:

Hey family! 

This week was sooo good! That´s great that you guys sent me more packages! I am famous here for being the elder that most gets packages in the entire mission! That´s great! 

The cereal here is actually a little different! They have all of the same brands of cereal (kelloggs, nestle, etc) but they have like different cereals. I guess they market it differently to brazilians. The milk here is like just powdered milk. They pretty much don´t have real milk like they do back in the states.

The bowls were square because we don´t have real bowls in our house! 

Sounds like everyone is having a great time doing stuff at home! 

So I´ve had to use my debit card a lot recently pretty much because of travelling and eating. But every time that I use it for travelling I get reimbursed and the couple of times lunch has fallen through with the members they pay us back. But every time that I have used it it has been me. I check the balance every time I withdraw money from the bank.

Our family that we are helping to get married is doing so good! They´ll be married and baptized soon! 

Zach- congrats on that toenail! 

Cameron- keep up on all that homework! 


Mackenzie- I love you too!

Love, Elder Olivier!