Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Baptism of the Bishop's Neighbor!

Here is Elder Olivier's email just to family that he sent on October 17, 2016:

Hey family! 

This week was sooo good! That´s great that you guys sent me more packages! I am famous here for being the elder that most gets packages in the entire mission! That´s great! 

The cereal here is actually a little different! They have all of the same brands of cereal (kelloggs, nestle, etc) but they have like different cereals. I guess they market it differently to brazilians. The milk here is like just powdered milk. They pretty much don´t have real milk like they do back in the states.

The bowls were square because we don´t have real bowls in our house! 

Sounds like everyone is having a great time doing stuff at home! 

So I´ve had to use my debit card a lot recently pretty much because of travelling and eating. But every time that I use it for travelling I get reimbursed and the couple of times lunch has fallen through with the members they pay us back. But every time that I have used it it has been me. I check the balance every time I withdraw money from the bank.

Our family that we are helping to get married is doing so good! They´ll be married and baptized soon! 

Zach- congrats on that toenail! 

Cameron- keep up on all that homework! 


Mackenzie- I love you too!

Love, Elder Olivier!

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