Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy P-Day!!!!

Hi everyone! 

I don´t have much time today so I´ll be short. Our week was pretty good. It could have been a lot better. My new area is in two wards, so we have to coordinate with tons of members. We´re zone leaders over the Rio Branco zone, which is the entire Rio Branco stake and two extra branches that are not part of any stake, they´re just mission branches. We have to travel a ton here. We are constanlty having to take the bus to do baptismal interviews, pick up missionaries at the airport, drop off missionaries at the airport, etc. This week was super hectic because some missionaries had to go to Manaus to renew their visas, so we were at the airport almost every night at midnight this week..... And tonight we will actually fly to Manaus for leadership conference on wednesday. We won´t be in our area for almost the whole week........ughghgh

I remember when I went to Colorado with Dad and I told him that I don´t like riding on planes because they´re annoying. Well now I get to learn to like them.

I´ll get my package this week! I actually already got it but I left it in Manaus when I came here to Acre because I didn´t have space in my suitcase. But now I´ll get it! 

Also, my companion is from Gilbert, AZ. He´s been out for 11 months.

Even here in the middle of nowhere in Brazil people are talking about Donald Trump. I can´t wait to see the great wall of Mexico!

This computer isn´t letting me send pictures for some reason......I´ll try sending them next time. sorry!

I love all you guys! 

Elder Olivier

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