Monday, October 10, 2016

Cereal, weird fruit, and some other stuff!

We received this email today...

So life with an american companion is pretty different. 
For example: when I suggested one day that we don´t eat anything for lunch but cereal, he went with it too. So, one day we ate only cereal for lunch. Which is like so crazy. Probably one of the craziest things that happened this week. Dang.

Also pictured: Us in front of the soccer stadium in Manaus. We see it all the time but I had never taken a picture in front of it. 

Also pictured: Some fruit that an investigator gave us. We got a ton of mangos, caju and jenipapo (I think it´s spelled like that), which looks like a crusty potato and tastes really good but unlike anything I have ever eaten in my life. So you´ll have to take my word for it. It´s a lot better than a crusty potato.

Falou, abraço! 

Élder Olivier!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Mais uma semana só de quebras no lan house

We received this email today...

Hey everyone! 

Don´t have much time so this email will be a short one! But just wanted to say that general conference this week was really good! I loved all of the talks! 

I´m still loving life out here in Manacapuru, now with my new parceirão Élder Matthew. It´s the first time I´m with an american companion and so far it´s been a great first week. HECK YEAH, AMERICA!!!  WHOOO AMERICA!!!! 

This week was a challenge because everyone in the city had to vote for the city governor, and here in brasil if you don´t vote you get fined. So, the day everyone had to vote just happened to be a sunday, the day of going to church. So yeah, that was a little difficult, but it was a great week nonetheless. Politics in brazil is super funny because every day for the past few months there have been cars driving on the streets with HUGE HUGE HUGE speakers attached like trailers to the back of them, blasting political jingles and parodies of modern popular brasilian music that sing about political candidates. They would pass on the streets all day every single day. So saturday and sunday the whole city went crazy with blasting music, parades and fireworks. But i think it is all over now. I think. 

Sorry I left my camera in our house this week (que burro) so next week I´ll send pictures!

Falou!! Bye!

Élder Olivier


We received this email from Elder Olivier on September 26, 2016...

This week I don´t have much time to email because of transfers! I´ll be staying here in Manacapuru, but Elder Fernandez left to go to a city called Itacoatiara. My companion is called Elder Matthew from............Pennsylvania! Pretty much from back home! haha. So he is my first american companion. This transfer should be fun. He has been on his mission a little longer than me, about a year and three months. 

Here are some pictures! 

Love, Elder Olivier! 

Mais um P-day

We received this email from Elder Olivier on September 19, 2016...

Hi everybody!!

This week was an awesome week like always! It was super hectic but that´s normal! 

So big news!!!! This week we finally bought gas for our stove, so we can finally cook food!!!! Heck yes!!! So this week I actually made cookies again to bring to the baptism. They turned out good, even though they always turn out way different here in brazil because everything is different here! 

This week we went on companion exchanges for the whole week. That is always a really good experience. The assistents of the mission president sent everyone in the mission a talk called "Como Ser um Missionário Batizador" (How to be a Baptizing Missionary) by M. Russell Ballard. It talks a lot about how lots of missionaries complain about their companions, their area, the members of the ward, etc but how successful missionaries are the missionaries that can obtain results in any circumstances. We should be creators of circumstances and not creatures of circumstances. I know now more than ever that work can solve any problem. I´ve noticed that when I pass through hard times here, it is almost always because I need to work more and work better. There is always something to improve.

I love you all! Until next week!


Élder Olivier