Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Visit to Manaus

Elder Olivier didn't have time to send a longer email, because he was at a conference in Manaus and they were waiting in line to use computers.  We did get this email just to us from him, though!  He is adjusting well to his new area and is now serving as Zone Leader.

Elder Olivier's email:

Hi family! My week was great! It was super hectic, like always, haha. My area is super different from my last area! Mostly because it is a ward and not a branch, so a lot of the members have a lot more experience with the church and stuff. That picture on sister castro´s facebook is the mission leadership conference that my companion and I went to. I guess I didn´t say last week that right now I´m serving as a zone leader. Our zone is pretty much all of the areas from Manacapuru until part of downtown Manaus.

I don´t know what a frog tog chilly pad is. What is that?  haha. (he was responding to my (mom's) question)

The only picture I took this week was of the baptism we had on sunday. Children have to repent and be baptized too (D&C 18)! batismo!

About the line of authority: I got it and I can print it! thanks so much! 

Today we all had to go to Manaus (again!) because Elder Leal from the quorum of the 70 is doing a tour of the mission! That was super cool! He talked and we watched a really awesome video of Bruce R. McConkie talking about the atonement. So I don´t have time to write an email to everyone this week, but I´ll try to write about everything next week.

Sounds like you all had a great week! I love you all! Tchau!
Elder Olivier!


Manaus Mission Council

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