Sunday, June 26, 2016


This is the email we received on June 20.  

Hey everyone! This week was super good, like always. There is another group of those americans that have been here for the past few weeks for a thing called HEFY, so I´ve been practicing my english more and more, hahaha. Everyone tells me I have the "missionary accent." Nooooooooo hahaha. The americans have been finding and bringing to church a bunch of really awesome people, so my companion and I and the other companionship here have had our hands full with teaching them. Manacapuru is such an awesome area filled with tons of awesome people. Elder Fernandez and I have been working crazy hard, and hopefully we´ll have a crazy amount of success because of it. I´ve always tried to work my hardest every single day of my mission, but in the past few weeks I´ve worked the hardest I´ve ever worked. Elder Fernandez is a super super super focused missionary and he´s a really great companion. 

So this week I have like no pictures, sooooo.......sorry! next week

This week we had kind of a cool experience. We were walking all over the city to all of our appointments (all of the people that we were trying to help to be baptized this week had stopped "progressing," or in other words they stopped fulfilling commitments like going to church or reading the Book of Mormon- that happens a lot) when a 11 or 12 year old kid on the street started talking to us. He told us that he had been baptized by the missionaries a couple of years ago, and that he has an older sister that also was baptized and goes to seminary every day (by the way, seminary here is 6:00 at night, not 6:00 in the morning uggghgh). He also said that he has a younger sister who is eight years old and goes to church every week with them but hasn´t been baptized yet. My companion and I looked at each other, and thought the same thing. Bora lá (let´s go)! We visited her throughout the week and learned that she had turned eight just last week, haha. She was super excited for her baptism, and we even got her mom (who isn´t a member) to come to church and to her baptism. My testimony about working diligently has grown so much on my mission. We had worked hard all week and God blessed us with an opportunity to help a young girl to apply the gospel of Jesus Christ, being baptized.

I love you guys all so much and have a great week! tchau!

Elder Olivier!

ps the picture is of me and Elder Brito, a missionary from the other area in Manacapuru. Not my companion! haha

Visit from Elder Leal of the Seventy

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