Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Back in Ac!

We received this letter from Elder Olivier on April 25th!

Hey everyone!  This week was super crazy, because I went to Manaus, chilled there in the mission office for a few days, and came back to Acre.  We also had the chance to go to the temple, which was awesome because I haven't gone there since I was last in Manaus.  Also some of the pictures are of me and some other missionaries in front of the Rio Negro, which was a sweet view.

Anyway, this week was super hectic but now it is back to normal. My new companion is named Elder H. Souza, and he is from Bahia. He is already the third missionary I have trained, which is pretty crazy. He is also the second missionary that I have trained that is from Bahia, which is very super pretty crazy. I can tell so far that he is a missionary with a lot of vision and a willingness to work hard. This transfer is going to be awesome!

We had a pretty cool experience this week. We are teaching a girl named Jaína and her mom, and we have been bringing them to church for a couple of weeks. We have been working super hard to baptize them both, but Jaína had built a very strong friendship with Elder Castelli, and she actually cried when he got transferred. After my companion and I got back from Manaus, we visited them again, but Jaína had started having some doubts about her baptism. She had prayed before about the Book of Mormon and had already felt that she had received an answer from God about it, so we invited her to pray again, and ask God if she should be baptized. During sunday morning at church, she told us that she prayed and felt that she needs to be baptized. We are helping her and her mom to prepare to be baptized next week. For me it was a really simple spiritual experience, because it showed that God really does answer prayers, but we have to ask Him first. I know that God exists, and that He answers prayers! 

Have an awesome week! I love you all! Abração!

Elder Olivier

 At the Manaus Temple with assistants, new missionaries and their trainers.

Overlooking Rio Negro! 

 Elder Olivier with his new companion, Elder H. Souza

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