Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Quase o dia de mãe!!!!

We received this letter from Elder Olivier on May 2, the P-Day before Mother's Day... He only had time to send his immediate family a quick email, with some responses to our letters about skype, etc.   

Hi everyone! I won´t have time to write an email to everyone so here are some photos of the zone conference on friday....we actually have to go all the way back to rio branco today for the zone meeting tomorrow......we´ve been travelling so much recently.....haha

So I will be able to skype from the church computer on sunday at 2:30-3:00 acre time (whatever that is there)!

This week was good! Like most weeks, a lot of good stuff and a lot of disappointing stuff happened, but that´s ok! We are teaching a lady and would have baptized her last week and then this week but someone in her family got sick on BOTH sundays.....and she had to go with them to the hospital both times....doido. We did manage to confirm four people, which was awesome!

That´s great about the auctions and the mission calls and stuff! sounds like a good time!

The next time you drink açaí mix it with a bunch of condensed milk and then eat it with a bunch of condensed milk on top! Best thing ever!

That´s awesome about the band! I too was in a band once......the Howard High School Marching Band, haha. The ward looks great! Those pictures make me miss playing basketball! 

I love all you guys! I can´t wait to see you all next week! Love, Elder Olivier!

Zona Rio Branco

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