Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Back in Manaus! (for a little)

Elder Olivier flew back to Manaus from Rio Branco for transfers to pick up a new companion!  

First, we sent a package with Sister Huisken's parents thinking it would get to Elder Olivier eventually....  but we received a surprise photo confirming receipt of package!  Many thanks to the Huisken's!  

Then, we received the following letter the same day (April 18, 2016)...

Hi everyone! So right now I just flew back to Manaus with a bunch of other missionaries. Most everyone is getting transferred, but I am here just to pick up my new companion, who will arrive from the MTC. Then I will go all the way back to my area in the jungle. So that is exciting. I´m super pumped for the next transfer.

This week was awesome! We ended up with a baptism (which btw I don´t think I ever said, happens in a large bucket of water that we have in the back of church, haha), and it was super awesome because it was Elder Castelli´s last day in the area. He is getting transferred to an area in Amazonas and to get there he has to go on a 10 hour boat ride. He was sad to leave his first area but he was also super excited to go to a new area!

That´s about all I can think of right now. I just got done riding a plane all night and sleeping for 0 hours. But other than that it´s all good in the hood here. I´m just super tired.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week! Até mais!

Élder Olivier!

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