Thursday, May 19, 2016

Another Week!

We received the following email on May 16, 2016 (with smaller pictures). 

Hey everyone! It´s been awhile since I´ve written an email to everyone, so here is an email! This week was awesome! We did a ton of cool stuff. Today we actually did a service project. One of the church members´ house fell down a few weeks ago. Like just completely fell over. So today we helped him finally put a roof on his new house! He was super happy that the branch president and us could help him out. 

A drunk guy came into the church while I was teaching the gospel principles class with my companion and asked us how much the bible (the hymnbook) costs. We told him it didn´t cost anything. He held on to it and sat in the back of the class until almost the end, when he said that he was leaving. He took the hymnbook with him.

We had a pretty cool experience the other day. We were teaching an investigator we had met on the street for the first time and we taught him about the restoration. At the end, we invited him to prepare to be baptized when God gives him an answer about if Joseph Smith was a prophet. He told us, "missionaries, I don´t even have to have God touch my heart for me to know that. God already touched my heart the very first moment that you guys talked to me on the street." It is so cool to see how the spirit works with everyone we teach. I know that God exists, and that He allows us to receive personal revelation. Being a missionary is so interesting because you get to see how real God is, every single day. The church is true!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

Élder Olivier!

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