Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Still Chillin in Brazil

Elder Olivier's email that he sent on January 11th!  He is speaking Portuguese really well now!!

Hi everyone! 

So we have a new mission rule where we only have one hour of computer time per week instead of two soooooo....... I have to type faster! But anyway this week was an awesome week. We just worked super hard, as usual. Also, it´s been raining almost every day here, which is super nice because when it´s raining it´s not usually really hot! Also, we´ve been teaching some awesome people lately! Investigators have just been coming up through the woodwork. We´ve been focusing on getting referrals from members. This week we got a referral every single day at lunch with the members, which was awesome. 

Other than that, this week was a pretty normal week, I think. We killed a couple of huge spiders in our house. Also last week I managed to make cookies, and they actually turned out ok! Except brown sugar in brazil has a pretty weird smell. At least I think what I used was brown sugar. They tasted good though. 

The other day one of the sisters from church called about lunch the next day, and I couldn´t remember where her house was and she started to explain it to me through the phone, but then she said, "Oh, just give the phone to the american elder, he knows where we live." Dang. I have never felt more brazilian in my life than I did at that moment. It´s super weird still being in my first area because I pretty much learned all of what I know in portuguese here. I remember when I would think that most of the people were super hard to understand. It´s weird to look back and think, wow, I´m speaking a new language. The lady on the phone thought I was the brazilian companion, haha. 

So one of the people we are teaching is a woman named Adelia. We first met her when she went to church all by herself. We have been teaching her and she has committed to a baptismal date. But she has always been super different than most of our investigators, because she pretty much told us at the very beginning that she knew that the church was true because of how she felt when she went there the first time. She always tells us the long list of churches that she has visited (there are so many churches in Manaus that it is beyond comprehension), but she says that in this church she feels a peace that she has felt in no other church. I have been thinking recently about how I got my testimony of the church. I don´t really know how I got it. I just kind of came to know the church was true very very gradually. I thought once this week that I just feel super peaceful in church, that I feel the same feeling that I felt when I was in primary singing primary songs. And I even feel the same peaceful feeling in church here deep inside the city inside the jungle of brazil, in a place that I have never been, with people I have never met and with a language that I have never spoken.  That continues to amaze me, how the church is the same no matter where you go. 

I hope you all have a great week! 


Elder Olivier

Elder Olivier's Cookies:)

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