Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Elder Oliver didn't write us on his normal p-day, because they switched p-day from Monday to Wednesday...so Wednesday was p-day, but they spent most of the day at the temple and had 30 minutes of computer time to read emails and send a quick email.

I was really worried when I didn't hear from him on his normal p-day......

Here is his email written on December 30th:

Hi family! Today is our pday because we are going to the temple today, and we don´t have much time to write because we have to eat lunch still and ride the bus for a long time. I heard from a couple of people that you (Mom) messaged them on facebook because I didn´t write on monday.....haha. Actually, I think my companion´s mom messaged even more people, haha. Anyway, I won´t write an email to everyone because I don´t have time. But this week was pretty much just a super hard week because of Christmas. No one was home, and the people that were home were all drunk. Soooo......... I hope this week is better! We´re struggling a little to find people to baptize, but we are teaching a couple of people that should get baptized next week! The mission president sent us all a new revised "Standard of Excellence" for the mission, and now the standard of excellence is 12 baptisms per transfer, which is 2 per week! So, that´s a lot. But hopefully that means we (and the whole mission) will be able to baptize more people! We just have to work a lot harder, haha. 

Oh, and dad about sending the missionaries to my friends´houses, you guys definitely can! If you can find the addresses somehow... And all of them have college, so I don´t know how much time they all spend at home.... I think you guys know where Finn lives, so maybe you could send them there. Haha.

Anyway, tell everyone that I love them for me!



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