Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Goodbye Manaus...Hello Acre!

Elder Olivier has been transferred to Acre!  It's a state in Brazil that is very isolated and borders Peru and Bolivia.  He will be training another missionary there again.  He is taking a small airplane to get there since the area is so far away and remote!  We are excited to hear about his new adventures!!  Here is is letter below....a bit shorter this week, because he was so busy getting ready to leave.

Hi everyone!

So I don´t have much time to write today, because today I´m being transferred out of Manaus into the state of Acre! I´ve heard a bunch of crazy stuff about Acre. The joke here is that Acre doesn´t exist, or that no one lives there. It is like super super super super back country Brazil. I guess that makes it like the Wyoming of Brazil. So it must be super awesome there.  Apparently, it is "cold" in Acre (which means, it sometimes gets down to 15 degrees celcius). Most of the people here have never seen snow.

Here are some pictures!

Here is a picture of me with a chicken on my head.

Here is a picture of Elder De Castro and I doing a service project this week! We put a ceiling in this guy´s house. It turned out pretty awesome, no big deal.

I love you all! 


Elder Olivier!

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