Sunday, March 5, 2017

This Week

We received this email from Elder Olivier on February 27. Excerpts are as follows:

Looks like you all had a great week! My week was pretty good too. Yes, it is raining a lot here. A lot. We´re in the rainy season, so it rains every single day, and sometimes it rains for like most of the day. No more drying clothes on the clothes hangers that aren´t under a roof. 

Our health has been great! No more sickness! 

Mostly we just see big spiders and cockroaches. The cockroaches can get really big, like maybe four inches long. We started spraying our house with TONS of bug spray every p-day so that everything that finds its way into our house dies, except humans. 

When you guys said that the bishop said to pray for all of the missionaries in the ward by name because this week was going to be really hard, I told my companion and we thought that our area was going to flood this week. Everyone has been talking about annual river flooding and how usually at this time of year it happens. When it happens everyone that lives in our area has to leave and go live somewhere else for a couple of weeks. That´s because apparently in this area they weren´t supposed to build stuff because the river floods here, but people built stuff anyway. But luckily nothing has happened.....yet. 

The bishop´s inlaws are doing great! 


Elder Olivier 

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