Thursday, March 30, 2017

Super Amazing Incredible Week

We received this email on Tuesday, March 28...

Hey everyone! 

I´m owing you all some photos for the past couple of weeks, so here is a selection of some of the finest I have to offer. Elder Castro with a frog, our fancy new shower, a really special baptismal meeting.....

This week was super hectic because we did tons of stuff. We went around inspecting all of the missionaries´ houses in our zone with one of president Castro´s counselors, we worked a ton, and we had zone conference (zone conf was yesterday- that´s why I´m emailing on tuesday this week). Working with Elder Castro has been great so far. He used to be the mission executive secretary so he knows all sorts of stuff about the mission. He´s also really hard working and super funny. 

On Saturday we baptized Michele and her baptism-aged kids. She was already friends with more than a few of the members of the ward, so it was a really special baptism. Over the past couple of weeks we have really grown to love their whole family as we helped them to overcome some dificulties..... The answer to every problem that ever existed is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a first-hand witness of that.

Love you all!

√Člder Olivier

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