Monday, August 15, 2016

Festas na Terra e nos Ceus

We received this email on August 1, 2016.  

Hello everybody! 

This week was super awesome! We had a pretty cool experience this week. We have been working for a while to help our bishop´s sister´s family come back to church, and this week we finally had the opportunity to get them to come to church! Their kids have actually been coming to church for a couple of weeks, and we actually found their family because of them. We had the opportunity to baptize the bishop´s nephew and niece, and the bishop got to enter into the waters!!! Their family had lived for a while on the "estrada," basically on a farm far away from the city, so it has been a while since they have been to church. The father is not a member, and at first he was super reluctant to let his kids be baptized, but with a little convincing from his wife his heart was softened. Só alegria! 

Also this week there was a holiday here in Brazil called Festa Junina, and at church there was a huge activity where the primary did a special dance. It was super sweet and there was a lot of food.

I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Abração!

Élder Olivier! 

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