Monday, August 15, 2016

1 Year!!!!

We received this email on August 8, 2016.

Hi everyone!!!!

This week we pretty much worked even harder than ever before and we were blessed with four baptisms! We got three members to get into the water and baptize, which was way cool, especially because all three of them just got randomly hyped to baptize. Two of them are young men preparing to serve missions, and the third is a member of the bishopric. 

Every single day in the mission field is a blessing. Everything happens one day at a time, and there is no better feeling than to arrive at our apartment every night knowing that we did our very best that day. After my mission I´ll remember that ever day that I didn´t write in my journal, it was because we arrived at home at night tired out of our minds just wanting to collapse on the ground and sleep. Being on a mission is crazy 


1 The other day at a member´s house there was a cacau!!! The actual flesh of the fruit doesn´t taste anything like chocolate (because chocolate is made from the seeds) but if you bite the seeds it is like the most bitter taste in the world. Everyone made fun of me because I bit the seeds but it was because I wanted to taste the chocolate!!!!

2&3 A turtle!!!!!

4 Só água só batiza!!!

I hope you all have the best week of your lives this week!!! I love you all!!!!


Élder Olivier!!!!!!

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