Sunday, July 2, 2017

Father's Day

We received this email on June 19.

Happy Father´s Day, Dad! 

My week was good. The work in our area is pretty slow right now, but we should have some baptisms coming up. I haven´t looked for any athletic shoes yet, but maybe next week I´ll try to find some. Things have still been a little hectic because we still have to bring a bunch of stuff from our old house to our new house, but everyone we ask to help us seems to cancel on us.....But this week someone will help us for sure!

I got the package! There was lots of stuff in it! Easter candy, a BYU shirt, good-smell shoe balls, hair gel, sunscreen, peanut butter, oreos and some other stuff. Thanks so much! 

Congrats Zach on your eagle project! Looks like you´re been dying to get that over with! 

Have a great week! 

Elder Olivier

Here are some pictures of President Castro´s last mission council that the secretaries finally sent this week!

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