Sunday, July 2, 2017

Almost Home

We received this email on June 26.

So this week was pretty monumental. The mission executive secretary called us up to talk about.......flight plans. I think my mind still hasn´t wrapped itself completely around the fact that in less than a month I will be back in the states. At the beginning of my mission two years seemed like such a long time. Now, looking back, it seems like hardly any time at all.  On July 14 I will arrive home. 

We also went on splits with the elders from Manacapuru this week, which is one of my old areas. I was kind of wondering how Manacapuru was going to be (will the people that I baptized still be active? Will everyone remember me?), but I was comforted to be able to see tons of people again that I had come to love, and was super comforted to see several of the people that I had baptized, even though we only stayed there for one day and our schedule didn´t allow much time for me to visit people. During the day we went to the english class that one of the members gives every day at the church (still!) and the first person that we saw there was a young woman that I had taught with Elder Fernandez over a year ago. That was such a happy moment. Actually, the whole day was a happy moment. 

Actually, my whole mission was a happy moment. I can´t believe it´s coming to a close. I don´t know if I should be happy that I´m coming home or sad that I won´t be here in Brazil anymore. 

This week President Castro goes home and Presidente Caetano will arrive. So for the last week of my mission I will have a new mission president. I´ll see how that goes.

If anyone wants to send me one last email, next Monday will be the last day that I will be able to see it!

Have a great week! Love u all!

√Člder Olivier!

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