Tuesday, April 18, 2017


We received this email April 17.

This week we could remember a little more about the meaning behind Easter. This Sunday my companion and I had a unique opportunity to teach Gospel Principles and to give talks in both of our wards. We were just about losing our voices afterwards. But it was a cool experience to reflect a little about the Savior and his atonement and resurrection. The bishop in one of our wards asked us to talk about the inportance of general conference, where we hear the voice of the Savior´s chosen prophet and his twelve apostles. Christ resurrected on the third day and today He lives! He literally guides us through modern-day prophets, and general conference is where we have a chance to learn from their teachings. I know that Christ lives and that he calls prophets to guide us. 

The work is going great here. Progress comes slow and steady at times, but when we work hard it always comes. 

Have a great week! 


Élder Olivier!

Some photos:

The best pizza in Acre- chocolate/coconut pizza, doritos pizza (it doesn´t get any more american than that) and classic brazilian cheese

Elder Castro eating xarutos (rice and meat wrapped in this one kind of brazilian leaf/thing)

Chillin on pday

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