Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Week Before Christmas

We received this email on December 19 from Elder Olivier in response to some of our questions...

My gingerbread cookie!!!!! Save it for me for when I get back!!!!

Holy cow Mackenzie you are getting big!!

I got a package from Oma and Opa with Oreos and CTR t shirts. I don´t think I´ve gotten one from Grandma and Grandpa yet....

The missionary work is going great! In this area the people are a lot less receptive, so we´ve been working a ton with the members. We´re super excited because if everything goes right this week, we will get all of the documents together for three families to get married! 

Mackenzie-- Yes, I sleep on my mission! 

Sorry I can´t send any pictures this week because we are at a different internet cafe and the sd card reader doesn´t work! But next week we´ll skype so it´s all good! 

Until next week!

Elder Olivier
Gingerbread Cookie courtesy of our home teacher!

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