Monday, February 15, 2016

Third week in Sena Madureira

We received a shorter email today from Elder Olivier just to us, but we'll take it!  We were hoping for pictures, but maybe next week!! 

Happy birthday Mom!
To answer your questions, yes, I teach gospel essentials and play the piano every sunday. Actually, my companion and I do almost everything for the branch. It´s kind of super hard that way, because everyone wants to help but no one really knows what to do. Haha. Yes, we are still teaching the man with the poison arrows and his wife and we are trying (struggling) to teach their 19 kids. Yes, 19. They are super hard to keep track of because they are always going to their tribe way down the river and coming back. The man and his wife want to get baptized really bad but they need to get married and are waiting for some of their documents to come in the mail. 

Our zone conference was awesome. The president and the APs flew to Rio Branco. We had to stay there for 3 days because on Tuesday we had regular zone conference and Thursday we had it with President Castro. It was super good. 

That´s awesome about Mom´s birthday and going skiing! And about church basketball! I miss basketball! 
Maddie, great work on the mini golf course. And I think that snake was venomous too. It had a triangle head.
Mackenzie: I love you too!
I love all of you guys so much and I miss you all!

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