Sunday, February 14, 2016

Still Brazillin in Brazil

Elder Olivier had his 2nd full week in his new area!  He sent us the following email on February 8th!

Hey everyone!
This week has been really awesome! Elder Castelli and I worked really really hard this week and it all paid off! We had two baptisms yesterday, a man named Antonio and his daughter. It was really awesome! Our little branch really came together and did a great baptismal service, complete with cake and amazonian soda. And our branch president entrou nas aguas! Antonio chose his to baptize, which was also sweet. The only thing was that someone somehow lost all of the baptismal clothing, so we had to improvise a little. Haha.
Anyway, this week has been adventurous. We crossed the river for the first time since I´ve been here. The boats are super cool. Also, we´ve been teaching a native family that speaks a language that I think is called "jaminaweh" or something like that. They speak portuguese as a second language, mais ou menos. Also, this guy has a legit bow and arrow (more like bow and spear) that is legit poisoned on the end. He shoots monkeys with it. He let us hold one of the spears, and then he said to be careful, because the end is poisoned and the poison has no cure. So my companion asked him if he would die if he would cut himself on it. And the guy basically said, yeah, you´ll die.  I´ll take a picture of it next time.
We also found a sweet looking dead snake, took a trip to that one statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, and drank a lot of tereré.  Tereré is like a south american herbal drink thing. I had already tried it in Manaus, but there is way more in Acre.
So, yep. That was our week. Até a próxima semana! Falow, tchau!
Elder Olivier!

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