Sunday, September 13, 2015


We received this letter from Elder Olivier last Friday.  He only has nine more days and then he flies to Manaus!

Oi everyone!!!!!!
So first off, my CTM district has been having a fast from english all
week, so this is super weird typing in english. It´s pretty much been
the same thing this week, except we had a really cool devotional here
that will be broadcast to all of brasil.  Elder Claudio Costa spoke and it was really
good. He was mainly talking to the youth of brasil about serving
missions and doing missionary work. My main man Elder Ensign, who is
going to Manaus too, played the piano for like 3 hours straight for
all of the songs and the musical numbers. I wish the devotional was
being broadcast in the US too so everyone could see it (except it was
all in portuguese). It was so good!

So I have 11 days until I leave for Manaus! A bunch of brasileiros
just arrived to the CTM that are going to Manaus too, so the other 2
americans and I will fly out with them. It´s coming up so fast! I
can´t believe that I have spent an entire month inside the same
building! Also, in two weeks I can finally send pictures!!!!! I

Random announcement: 105 dias até natal!!!! Just reminding you all!!!!
Anyway, everything is still going super awesome here. I love the CTM.
I have learned so much here, about portuguese and about the gospel.
The church is 1837457% true, and the Book of Mormon is 384757829203%
true. I know it. If you haven´t read the Book of Mormon, read it. If
you haven´t been taught by the missionaries, find them and ask them to
teach you. It will change your life. It is the reason that I am here
in brasil. The gospel blesses lives.

Eu amo vocês!!!!!!
Elder Olivier

PS thanks so much to everyone that has sent me letters and emails! I
hardly have any time to email every week so it´s super hard to reply
to them! I still love you guys!

(written 9/11/2015)

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