Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Elder Olivier Arrived Safely to the Sao Paulo MTC (CTM)!

Finally after 21 hours of waiting and wondering if Elder Olivier made it safely to the MTC (CTM) in Brazil, we received a short email from him:

Hi mom and dad! Just emailing to let you know that I made my flights
and now I´m at the MTC! The flight to Sao Paulo was really long, and I
only got about 30 minutes of actual sleep, but now I´m here and it´s
awesome! I am actually in a district with Elder E. Actually, When
I first got to the gate in the Atlanta airport, there were tons of
missionaries and I randomly sat next to elder E and another elder
going to Manaus! We haven´t done anything else at the MTC yet besides
eat, shower, and change. The president said that our next p-day would
be either Wednesday or Friday, so I´ll email everyone then. The mtc
computers have no sd card slot..... So no pictures until after! I´ll
try to take a bunch though! Love, Elder Olivier

At the airport before saying goodbye.

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